Homeopathy-an answer to many unresolved disputes
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Homeopathy-an Answer To Many Unresolved Disputes

Homeopathy-an answer to many unresolved disputes

Homeopathy-an answer to many unresolved disputes

Our healthy lifestyle and our increasing interests towards the junks have made us vulnerable to diseases. Our "nothing wrong will happen " attitude towards the slow poisons we are daily exposed to kills our body much before we could realize. And the most shocking of these poisons are the drugs we intake for the cure of our diseases unaware of the fact that their side effect could develop a new disturbance in our body. Our immune responses to these chemically formulated medicines are the results of the uneasiness our body faces.

The biggest answer to these unsettled disputes lies in homeopathy. This field of medicine is more an art than science. The principle that homeopathic medicines follow is that it works on developing the immunity of an individual and not on relieving the patient from the symptoms.

Homeopathy has answers for some of the most dreaded diseases that if left untreated leads to disasters.

Homeo treatment of Chikunguniya:- Genus Epidemicus" is a concept in Homeopathy that helps as a preventive remedy in an epidemic.This remedy is given to all healthy people in that locality in order to prevent them from suffering from that disease. This remedy increases person's immunity to such level that even after infected mosquito bites, it cannot produce active disease in the person's body.

Homeopathic medicines for Dengue:- Homeopathic medicines play a vital role in preventing dengue fever. Belladonna acts well in case of high dengue fever with no thirst. In case of dengue with great debility and sensitivity, Homeopathic medicine works better. Here the person feels sensitive to light, noise, odours and pains; everything upsets him.

Homeopathic medicines for Hair fall:- Homeopathic approach to Hair Loss treatment is constitutional in nature and the course depends on the nature and cause of the problem specific to you. A homeopathy practitioner is trained to make a detailed case profile of the patient to determine the root cause of the problem. This evaluation leads to a profile mapping that helps him identify the suitable homeopathic medicine for prescription.


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